Vain wanker/had a haircut.


The last parts of my modular synth came in the mail today :D

Here’s some pictures. Watch this space for sound/video!





Thanks to Astrid Nobel (, for the stormy open sea at night drawings.

Thanks to @bt for sparking my interest in the first place :)

Here’s an interactive representation of it:

Endless fun.


Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). In the system the midpoint is Man, who summarizes the cosmos.


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Biggups Picasso.

alekzane asked: Do you do your own album artwork? It's pretty on point with your music!

Nope, I just have some very talented friends :)

Anonymous asked: You're at a playground. Your goal is to cause as much suffering as possible without assaulting anyone directly or otherwise breaking any laws. What will you do?

Give everyone icecream rigged to fall off the cone. Suffering shall commence.

Be more EP. Out on adapted records feb 10th